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Get More Traffic, Leads, & Sales by Outranking Your Competition on Google, Bing, & More

Website traffic doesn’t just “happen.”
Steady traffic growth is earned before your content is ever published. How? With expert keyword research and planning. Except, you probably don’t have the time or expertise to do all that which is why we’re ready to do it for you.

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10x Your Traffic from Search Engines

When you publish quality content based on the keyword research we send you each month, search engines like Google, YouTube, & Pinterest will shower you with tons of free, targeted traffic. Better yet, each new piece of content that ranks will add to the traffic and authority you already have, creating a powerful snowball of daily visitors to your site.

Multiply Your Email List Like Wet Gremlins

Getting tons of free, targeted visitors to your website every day means a lot of opportunities to convert that traffic to your email list. Even better, your monthly Keyword Cheetah packet contains bonus content upgrade, lead magnet, and opt-in bribe ideas to help you grow your email list even faster because we know how important list building is to your success.

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Make More Sales

Keyword Cheetah can get your website, products, and services in front of people who are actively searching for what you sell – people who are in “buying mode.” How? By shifting our keyword research strategies to target keywords that have “commercial intent.” There’s no better or more sustainable way to get sales and grow your business.

Supercharge Your Content

Stop wasting your time creating content that doesn’t generate traffic & that ends up getting buried in your archives – or sucked into the black hole of the internet. Our keyword research services ensure that every piece of content on your site has a specific purpose and is perfectly positioned to bring new eyeballs to your website – even your old content which we can optimize.
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Crush Your Competition

Most of your competitors are winging it when it comes to SEO and content marketing. With our expert keyword research services, you can outrank your competition and win the traffic race, leaving your competitors struggling to figure out how you’re crushing it so well. And even if your competition is doing well with organic search, we’ll show you exactly how to beat them.
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"I just got my first batch of keywords from Keyword Cheetah and I've got to say – I'm blown away. If content marketing is part of your strategy, you have to check out this service!"

– Nathan Fraser | Copy & Funnels

You’re Already Doing the Work, You’re Just Missing Out on the Results.

Stop wasting time and money producing content that’s doing nothing for your business. If you want to take your traffic and sales to the next level, it’s time to follow a strategic, proven process.
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We’ll use our advanced SEO expertise to identify the top keywords your site or company should be targeting based on search traffic, competitor analysis, rank difficulty, and more.
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We’ll come up with article and content ideas based on the keywords we select, write winning headlines for you, and find associated royalty-free photos you can use in your content.
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Each month we’ll send you our hand-picked keywords, winning headlines, and royalty-free images. All you have to do is write your content, hit publish, and watch the traffic roll in.

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Ready to Grow Your Traffic
& Dominate Your Competition?

Choose an expert keyword research package below.

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What Does Each Feature Mean?

Here is the basic breakdown of each feature and what it means for you, your traffic, and your business…

Target Keywords

At the beginning of each month we’ll send you hand-picked “head keywords” based on keyword research tailored to your specific site. These are keywords that we would personally target if we were running your business.

Keyword Data

Don’t just take our word for things. We’ll send you all the relevant data on each keyword we select so you know why we selected each keyword and what each keyword is capable of.

Royalty-Free Photos

Content with at least 1 image significantly outperforms content without images. We’ll provide a royalty-free photo (free to use commercially) that pairs perfectly with each headline idea we send you.

Article Headlines

Writing a winning headline that incorporates your target keyword and promotes sharing and backlinking requires both SEO expertise and copywriting expertise. We’ll provide you with a winning headline to match each target keyword we send you.

Related Keywords

A single article can rank for dozens of important keywords. Our keyword research service includes hand-picked related keywords to include in your content to help ensure that each piece of content ranks for as many important keywords as possible.

How Good Are Your Royalty-Free Photos?

Think we’re going to send you cheesy, useless stock photos? Think again. Let’s say we’re sending you a photo for “best travel backpack…”

We would never send you this…

We would send you this…

Frequently Asked Questions

The Keyword Cheetah concept might raise a lot of questions for you. If your question isn’t answered here, you can schedule a free strategy call.

Who is Keyword Cheetah for?

Keyword cheetah is a keyword research service for anyone who uses content marketing (blogging, podcasting, video, etc.) to grow their traffic, audience, email list, and sales. It’s for solopreneurs, small businesses, bloggers, creatives, e-commerce owners, authors, tech companies, and startups. If you publish content on a regular basis or want to start publishing content on a regular basis to grow your business, Keyword Cheetah is your new secret weapon.

I publish a ton of content – how do I get more keywords?

Keep in mind that today’s SEO landscape is all about quality instead of quantity. Even small teams struggle to put out more than 3 or 4 pieces of rank-worthy content a week. If you have a large team that can truly crank out high-volume, rank-worthy content and need more keywords, let us know and we’ll design a custom package for you.

What if I don't agree with the keywords you send me?

If for some reason you feel like the keywords we select don’t align with the traffic you’re trying to generate, we’ll send you replacements. But, we’re pretty good at this stuff and this almost never happens.

Can your service work for my old/archived content?

Absolutely! In fact, if we target our research to your old content, you’re likely to get results even faster. If you want to see what the potential of your old content is, schedule a free strategy call and we’ll review it with you.

My site isn't live yet, can I still use your service?

Absolutely! In fact, there’s no better time to start than at the very beginning. This ensures that your site won’t miss a beat when it comes to getting ranked.

How much input will I have during this process?

Great question! We’re not going to lock you in a closet while we do this work for you. We’ll be in constant contact with you to makes sure that we understand your business, understand your goals, and are able to serve you best.

What will my return on investment be?

While every site is different, we have personally used these research and content strategies to take websites from zero traffic to 100,000+ visitors per month and have generated six figures in revenue for clients based on those traffic numbers. Given that the software alone required to do this research costs anywhere from $97-$197/mo (not including an SEO specialist to do the research and deliver your keywords along with royalty-free photos, related keywords, and winning headlines), the ROI potential is all upside.

What if the keywords you send me are too difficult for my site to rank for?

The keywords we hand-pick are chosen with your site’s domain authority in mind. We aren’t going to send you keywords that you can’t rank for. And if a keyword is going to require extra effort to rank for (beyond publishing quality content), we’ll advise you on how to make that happen.

Won't my site require other "optimizations" to make sure I can actually rank?

80% of your SEO results are based on doing the proper research and creating the quality content that search engines will be serving to searchers. The other 20% has to do with other factors on and off your site. We do a basic audit of every new client we get to make sure there’s nothing preventing you from ranking. If there is, we’ll show you how to fix it.

Can I use your research and content ideas for podcasts, videos, or Pinterest instead of articles?

Absolutely! The data we provide applies to anything that can be found via search. Since YouTube, iTunes, and Pinterest are all search engines, our research and ideas apply to those platforms equally.

Can I switch between packages?

Yes, you can always change packages if you’d like to get more or fewer keywords, headlines, and images.

How fast can you get me traffic?

Getting ranked in Google and driving tons of free, organic traffic doesn’t happen overnight. We are very up front with all our clients – this is a long-term play (3-12 months). Keep in mind, though, that once your site starts ranking and the traffic starts coming in, it’s traffic that keeps coming for months and years to come. The process is well worth it considering how valuable and consistent the traffic is.

Is there any potential for my site to get penalized by google when following your advice?

There is no chance of getting penalized by Google when following our advice. This is because our service is about giving Google what Google wants – the absolute best quality content for their users and your target market.

Do you use algorithms, machine learning, or any other form of automation to choose keywords?

Our SEO cheetah’s craft every single word of every single packet we send by hand. The research is all done manually and tailored 100% to your site and your goals. Nothing is automated.

Do you outsource this service?

No, we do not outsource any of our services. Everything is done in-house by our expert team of cheetahs trained from the ground up and kept up to date on the latest “white hat” SEO strategies and tactics.

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Keyword Cheetah is fantastic. I never would have been able to do this on my own without paying for tools and devoting a ridiculous amount of time to learning. Now I can focus what I'm good at – creating quality content! Thank you so much (and you can testimonial that all you want to... you earned it).

– Katie Switzer | Guilt Free Families

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