SEO Audits

Many websites are being held back by performance, accessibility, and optimization issues. A comprehensive SEO audit identifies problems and opportunities so you can get the best search rankings possible.

Want Your Site to Rank on Page One?

In order for you to get the best results from your website, everything within these five key areas must be audited and optimized.

A Full Look at Our SEO Audit

We offer one of the most comprehensive SEO audits available. Click any SEO audit factor in the list for more details.

Accessibility Audit

If search engines and users can’t access your site, it might as well not exist.

"Robots" Instructions

Your site’s code contains “crawl instructions” for search engines. We make sure those instructions are setup properly.

HTTP Status Codes

We check your site for broken pages and make sure redirects are implemented properly.

Site Architecture & Structure

We make sure your page organization, hierarchy, and internal linking is properly optimized.

Site Navigation

We make sure your navigation is correctly laid out and optimized with the proper keywords.

Site Speed & Performance

A slow site or a site with code errors will kill your rankings. We’ll give you a full site speed report.

Mobile Friendliness

Google only wants to rank mobile friendly websites and there are a number of mobile factors to analyze.

Indexability Audit

Just because search engines can access your site, it doesn’t mean they are.

Sitemap Functionality

We’ll make sure you have a proper sitemap and that it’s correctly submitted to Google.

Full Indexing Check

We’ll manually check to make sure Google has properly indexed all your pages and posts.

Priority Page Indexing Check

We’ll double check your “priority” pages to make sure they’re index properly and error-free.

Brand Search Query Check

We’ll check to see that Google is properly indexing you according to queries for your brands and products.

Penalization Check

We’ll make sure there are no active penalties or de-indexing efforts against your site.

Search Console & Analytics

We’ll make sure Google Search Console & Google Analytics are properly setup & configured.

On-Page Factors Audit

Are your pages setup properly? Do they “make sense” to search engines?

URL Structure & Optimization

We’ll make sure your URL length, format, and targeting are all properly optimized.

Duplicate Content Check

Your site can have duplicate content issues that drop your rankings even if you don’t purposefully create duplicate content.

Full Content Analysis

We’ll make sure that all your page and post content is properly structured and formatted.

Site-Wide Meta Analysis

We’ll analyze all your title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, and more.

Site-Wide Image Analysis

We’ll make sure your images are properly optimized for speed and indexing.

Site-Wide Link Analysis

We’ll check your site for broken internal and external links as well as internal link optimization.

Keyword Cannibalism Check

We’ll make sure that your own pages aren’t competing against each other for important keywords.

Off-Page Factors Audit

A big piece of the SEO puzzle are factors happening away from your site.

Domain & URL Authority

We’ll analyze how authoritative your website and priority pages are in the eyes of Google.

Referring Domain Analysis

We’ll make sure you don’t have any spammy sites linking to you that might sabotage your rankings.

Backlink Profile Analysis

We’ll make sure your backlink profile is sound and not generating any unintentional ranking issues.

Social Profile Analysis

We’ll make sure your social media profiles are setup correctly and referring authority to your site.

Opportunity Analysis

Are you aiming at the right targets and being competitive in the right areas?

Top Content Analysis

We’ll analyze your top content to see if there’s a way to extract more traffic from pages that are already winning or that are close to winning.

Core Keywords Identification

We’ll make sure you’re targeting the best keywords for your site’s goals.

Full Blog Archive Analysis

We’ll do a full analysis on your articles archive to find hidden gems that can be optimized to start ranking fast.

Content Gap Analysis

We’ll analyze your top 3 competitors and determine which keywords they’re ranking for that you aren’t.

Search Analytics Analysis

We’ll use advanced search analytics to get you quick wins by optimizing pages and posts that are already close to ranking.

Competitor Insights

We’ll tell you everything you want to know about your competitors including their top content and top keywords (and how to beat them).

Don’t be scared!

Have no fear, there’s not much to do on your end. We take care of everything and provide you with a full report when we’re done. We’ll also review your report with you to make sure you understand how to take advantage of the opportunities we find.

3 Big Reasons to Audit

Not SEO-savvy? Wondering why an audit is necessary? Here are the three biggest reasons to get a comprehensive SEO audit…

An SEO Audit Exposes Errors

Search engines want to serve a quality product, which means your website has to be a quality product. It needs to be well-coded, it needs to be lightning fast, and it needs to have all the technical requirements that search engines are looking for. When all the bases are covered, Google will have no problem showering you with traffic. But, if your site continues to have issues, Google will bury you.

An SEO Audit Exposes Opportunities

If you’ve never had a comprehensive SEO audit then your site is probably targeting keywords that are inefficient or perhaps not targeting any relevant keywords at all <gasp!>. An SEO audit can reveal new targeting opportunities, existing content optimization opportunities, quick traffic and ranking wins, and competitor insights that can take your site to the next level.

An SEO Audit Keeps Things Up to Date

Google makes hundreds and sometimes thousands of updates to its algorithm each year. On top of that, there are theme updates to your website, plugin updates, design updates, page changes, content additions, and so on. Between all of these factors, it’s easy for your site to fall out of alignment the same way car tires fall out of alignment over time. An SEO audit is like a tire rotation and alignment for your website.

Get Your Audit

We offer one of the most comprehensive SEO
audits available.


Here are frequently asked questions about our SEO audits…

What will my return on investment be?

Here’s the thing: traffic is valuable. If you want to see how valuable it is, try to pay for it by bidding on keywords. Paying for traffic is expensive, which is why smart business owners work hard to rank for important terms organically. An SEO audit helps you do that and can ultimately be worth thousands and thousands of dollars in free traffic each month.

What's the turnaround time on an audit?

SEO audits are very comprehensive and require a lot of manual analysis. With that said, we aim to deliver your report within 10-14 days of ordering your audit.

If you find structural issues with my site, how do I get those fixed?

If you don’t have a developer who can fix any structural issues we might find, we can fix them for you through our Website Cheetah service at a very reasonable price. Don’t let these little costs deter you, though, structural issues are costing you *far* more in lost traffic, leads, and sales than what they cost to fix. 

What if I don't understand my audit?

The price of the audit includes a debriefing where we meet with you to review your audit and make sure you understand all the important factors and have a clear plan for addressing any issues and taking advantage of key opportunities we uncover.